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72 Virgins

A Caravan of Love

A Degas at the races

A Few Loose Bolts

A gambling bug

Cargo Cult of Personality

Dirty filthy pinkos

I Told You So

Institute of Australian Values

Jesus Drives The Traders To The Temple

Kelly Country

Kenny Boy

Mad Cow Disease

Meet The Locals

Motoring along

Ned Kelly Country

Oh Vienna!

Onward Ian soldiers

Technology of The Self

The Axis of Elvis - Detail 1

The Axis of Elvis - Detail 2

The Axis of Elvis - WINNER 2007 SULMAN PRIZE

The big race

The Creature From The Green Lagoon

The dog clown

The End of The World

The Farmer

The Foundations

The Hounds OF Hell

The leaders summit

The Monsters

The Rescue Party

The Sacred Cow

The sleeper cell

The Temple of Knowledge

The think tank

Time To Go Big Rabbit

Whos the dumbo now


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